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​With courage and curiosity, we can face our heartache, our obstacles and ourselves.


This journey can deepen with the aid of a skillful guide.

Image by Devon Janse van Rensburg

I safely guide you in the expression of your most honest emotions. I invite you into the heart of your grief experience, and hold the torch as you courageously journey to the center and cross the threshold into a new reality.

My focus is to help you:

  • discover barriers that prevent you from relating to feelings in a way that's open and engaged

  • release the stories that inhibit authentic ways of responding to change

  • tend each aspect of grief’s expression (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and relational)

  • build capacity to hold powerful, challenging experiences

  • catch insights, strengthen resilience and connect with love’s healing energy


​With my clients I establish a collaborative approach which is dynamic and intentional.

Together we find creative and meaningful ways to honor your losses.

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